Telekom Vivicittá Virtual Run


The Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run is a safe event where you can compete against others without having to meet them in person.

1. Head to the online entry site and register for your preferred distance
2. Head out and run that distance anytime during the given time period.
3. Track your run and upload the completion at the result submit page
4. Download your finisher certificate from the results list, share it on Facebook, and wait for your Finisher’s medal to arrive via post.
+1. Stick to the actual rules and guidelines being in effect regarding the pandemic in your country.

“Giving is receiving”
By registering for the event, 2€ of your entry fee goes to charity.

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run date

June 12-14, 2020

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run distances

  • Individual: Half Marathon, 10 km, 5 km, 2.5 km
  • Relay: Half Marathon in pairs, Half Marathon in relay for 3

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run location

The location is optional, run the distance of your choice at your favorite location, or even on a treadmill.

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run how to register

Registration is open only online through BSI’s online platform from 26 May 16:00 to 14 June 17:00, UTC+02:00

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run what is included in the registration fee

The registration fee includes:

  • a unique, downloadable bib with your name on it
  • results list–for informational purposes only
  • a downloadable certificate that can be shared on Facebook
  • a Telekom Vivicitta finisher medal–depending on the accomplished distance–that will be shipped out the week after the race, to the address provided upon registration. This year all our participants get their names and their race times engraved into the medal.

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run bib

Wearing a bib is not mandatory, however, if you really would like to feel the vibe of the race just click on the start list, find your name, download your bib from the right side of the list, print it, and pin it to your shirt. Click here for the start list

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run how to accomplish the distance

You can start the race on 12 June 0:00 UTC+02:00 at the earliest and you must finish it by 14 June 23:59 UTC+02:00 at the latest. If you participate individually you must run or walk the entire distance in one cycle, with one-time recording.
If you run a longer distance, stop for a moment at the distance selected upon registration and take a photo of your smartwatch or app then continue running. This way you can get the exact time of completing the 2,5 km, 7 km, 10 km, or the half marathon.

In the case of the Half Marathon in Pairs and Half Marathon in Trio races, relay team members must run a half marathon distance (21,1 km) altogether, splitting it between each other. Not all members must run the same distance, but all members may only run once. When submitting the recorded times to the website, in order to get the proper result for relay teams, team members must upload their times with a photo or screenshot. All the recorded times with necessary proofs of every team member must be provided at the time of submission, therefore we kindly ask the member who uploads the results to get times and proofs of every team member beforehand.

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run time limit

There is no time limit, so you don’t have to run from the sweep bus 🙂
The distance can be completed by running or walking, the only thing to keep in mind is to do it in one cycle, with one-time recording.

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run age limit

Only the participants who were born before 13 June 2008 (12 years old and up) can participate in the half marathon distance.

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run proof of completion

After completing the distance, please upload your time to the website dedicated to submitting the results until 15 June 12:00 UTC+02:00,  at the latest.

To be able to successfully submit your results you need to provide the following information:

– Name (in case of Pairs, Relay teams the name of the team)
– E-mail address
– Registration number (for teams this is the team ID – find both in the confirmation of your registration)
– Bib (find your bib in the confirmation of your registration)
– The distance of your choice
– Finish time
– Proof of completing the distance

You may verify your results by the following methods (choose one):
1. By sharing a PUBLIC link to your training (e.g. Strava, Endomondo). Don’t worry, your training will not be shared anywhere, it is needed for verification purposes only.
2. By uploading a photo that clearly shows the details of your training (distance and finish time). You can take a screenshot of your phone showing your results on the exercise app, or take a shot of your smartwatch or the treadmill’s display. The only thing that matters is that the picture must clearly show the accomplished distance and the finish time. Don’t worry, your photo will not be shared anywhere, it is needed for verification purposes only.

For the Half Marathon in Pairs and Half Marathon in Trio races, all the recorded times with necessary proofs of every team member must be submitted.

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run results, prizes, gifts

At the event no prizes will be awarded to the participants–a results list will be created for informational purposes only. Results lists will be shared continuously from 15 June. Final results lists will be compiled based on the provided finish times–not all submission will be examined but any submission may be randomly inspected based on the uploaded proof. Clearly unrealistic results will not be part of the results lists. Every participant is responsible for the accuracy of the data they provide.

Every participant will be mailed a beautiful rose gold medal, with a size depending on the distance they have accomplished. Medals will be shipped to the participants after the event to the address provided upon registration. We kindly ask you to enter a valid address where the package can be delivered.

If the completed distance is longer than the previously selected distance, you need to submit the final time of your run, not the split-time needed to accomplish the original distance. If you run a longer distance than the distance you originally registered for, please split your training in two or stop for a moment to take a photo of the app or smartwatch, and only upload to the website the time and proof for the original distance.

If using GPS, we recommend that you check whether the GPS works correctly before and during the run.
There is no separate category for participants in a wheelchair or handcycle during the race.

Distances are completed individually, therefore you need to take care of proper refreshments.
Bring your cellphone with you in case you need help during the race. This is not a regular BSI event, first aid and
medical assistance will not be provided–you need to be able to resolve any problem that might happen during the run.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to listen to music or any other devices plugged into both ears because you are unable to hear noises from outside.

Cancellation Policy

Canceling your registration is possible until 10 June 0:00 – with a handling fee deducted from your entry fee. The remaining money will be credited on your account.

Telekom Vivicitta Virtual Run information regarding the pandemic

In this time of emergency, we kindly ask you to adhere to the current rules and regulations of your country regarding the social distancing and use protective equipment while training outdoors.
Please accomplish the selected distance without help!