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Telekom midicitta 7 km

Step into the world of street races

We invite you to run your fastest 7 kilometers of your life. Do you accept?

The 7-kilometer distance is definitely your track if you’re just getting acquainted with the atmosphere of road races. Run your first or fastest 7 kilometers of your life along the Danube riverbank! Along with your registration, you’ll receive the event’s t-shirt, and at the finish line, we’ll welcome you with a unique finisher’s medal.


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Browse through our site plan and get familiar with the race venue for the weekend so that everything goes smoothly on the big day! On our interactive Google map, you will find not only the important units of the venue but also the precise route and checkpoints. Share the map with your supporters and also your Google position using the location sharing feature so that your fans can track your exact location along the route. They can even plan their own routes to reach the selected spectator points:


CLICK HERE for prices and deadlines! We may introduce a participant limit for the event’s in the future.

  • Participation in the race
  • Closed and secured route
  • Bib number
  • Unique, branded technical running shirt (Available sizes: Women’s fit: S-XXL Men’s fit: XS-XXL)
  • Finisher medal
  • Online results list
  • Downloadable online certificate
  • Gifts from our sponsors
  • Refreshments
  • Medical service
  • Finisher package
  • Other associated event programs
  • 21.26% VAT

Online registration: On the BSI organizer’s online registration platform ( until April 16, 2024, at midnight (unless the participant limit is reached earlier). The invoice will be sent to you via email in .pdf format.

In-person registration: At the BSI events, at the information tent. On-site during the race number pick-up, following the schedule, if the participant limit has not been reached in advance.

Wheelchair and handbike racers can only register in advance, pre-registration is required.

You can find the list of already registered participants and the starting list here.

The organiser of the race: 

BSI Sport Kft.
1138 Budapest, Váci út 152.
[email protected]

  • Participants in the race include well-prepared runners, wheelchair athletes, handbike participants, as well as those running with baby strollers, who accept the event information and the registration conditions.
  • Wheelchair and handbike participants:
  • If completing the distance under their own power, they can start from the front of the field. They should line up on the route side of the starting gate, no later than 5 minutes before the start. They must sign a declaration upon entering the starting area, confirming that they will adhere to the rules and not overtake the lead motorcycle. They can start 1 minute before the official start time, accompanied by a lead motorcycle. However, until a designated point after the route has been finalized, they must follow behind the lead motorcycle. From that point onward, they can proceed at their own pace towards the finish line.
  • Wheelchair and handbike participants completing the distance with assistance:
  • They can line up in the designated zone based on the provided estimated pace. A participant who folds or obscures their bib number, or fails to wear it visibly during the race, may receive a 10-minute time penalty. A participant who repeatedly violates the bib number wearing rule, fails to complete the full designated course, provides inaccurate or incomplete information on the registration form, or uses the timing chip improperly, may face disqualification.
  • For the safety of themselves and fellow runners, it is not recommended for participants to wear both earphones, listening to music or any other audio device during the race.
  • Throughout the race, cycling, inline skating, biking with an accompanying cyclist, running without a bib number, and running with a dog are strictly prohibited.
  • Participants accompanied by a cyclist or inline skater may be disqualified from the race.
  • There is no storage of valuables at the event.
  • Any commercial and advertising activities at the event site can only be conducted with prior permission and in accordance with the agreed-upon form and manner by BSI.
  • Due to organizational reasons, BSI reserves the right to limit the number of participants and close registration at any time.
  • BSI reserves the right to make changes to the route and schedule.


You can find the timetable here.

Take Tram 4/6 to ‘Margitsziget / Margit híd’ stop and walk through the middle of the Island (approximately 2 km), or use Google Maps Navigation to plan your trip.

Plan your trip for the quickest way to the location:

Arrive by bicycle; we provide supervised bicycle storage on the event day! (Use the community MOL BUBI bikes!)

Parking: There are few parking spaces in the surrounding streets, which fill up early in the morning. It’s better to choose more distant but secure parking options. 

  • The parking lot is available at the northern end of the Margaret Island, next to Arpad Bridge.
  • You must comply with the traffic signs placed in the parking lot, and follow the rules of the KRESZ (Hungarian public road traffic rules).

The starting line will be located on Frigyes Schulek promenade, near the Water Tower.

The event center will be set up on the ground floor of the Margaret Island Water Tower.

On-site, at the event venue, the race center:

  • The place for picking up BIB number is on the ground floor of the Water Tower building.

    Opening hours:

    • Friday, April 19th: 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
    • Saturday, April 20th: 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM

You will be allowed to enter the race number pick-up area when a table becomes available. The race number pick-up tables are not organized by race number; you can approach any available table. It is IMPORTANT that you know your race number when you queue up at the tables.

If you don’t know your race number, you can search for your name in the starting list for the relevant distance, and your race number will be displayed.

Changing rooms

  • The men’s changing room will be set up in a tent on the west side of the Great Meadow.
    The women’s changing room will be located on the floor of the Water Tower on Margaret Island.
  • Facilities will be open before and after the race.
  • Showers are also available on location for individual half marathon runners.
  • Additionally, there will be changing rooms at the relay exchange station.


  • The cloakroom tents will be set up on the Pest side of the Great Meadow, near the men’s changing rooms.
  • In tents at the start/finish area. It can be used with the baggage tag attached to your bib.
  • Attention! We don’t guard valuables in the cloakroom!
  • There will be no cloakroom at the relay exchange station.
  • There will be a monitored bike rack at the site of the race.


  • There will be portable toilets and urinals for men near the race center, at the start/finish area, at each refreshment and relay exchange station.

Start Zones for the Telekom Midicitta 7 km:

  • Zone 1: Within 4:30 – 31:30 for 7 km
  • Zone 2: Between 4:30-5:00 – 31:30-35:00 for 7 km
  • Zone 3: Between 5:00-5:30 – 35:00-38:30 for 7 km
  • Zone 4: Between 5:30-6:00 – 38:30-42:00 for 7 km
  • Zone 5: Between 6:00-6:30 – 42:00-46:30 for 7 km
  • Zone 6: Above 6:30 – Above 46:30 for 7 km

At this event, everyone can enter the start zone that corresponds to their pre-defined expected pace (minutes per kilometer). This helps to reduce the chaos in the first kilometers after the start and minimize unnecessary overtaking. When only runners with similar paces start from the same zone, the beginning of the race becomes more peaceful and predictable.

The start zones are uniformly marked with a yellow background, and only the black numbers on the zones vary. The flags indicating the time zones will also have black numbers on a yellow background, corresponding to the new zone markings. To determine which start zone to enter, use the yellow background black zone number sticker printed on your race bib. Race staff will check this sticker when you enter the start zone. Participants can only enter the start zone that matches the number on their bib. If you haven’t specified an expected pace, you will receive a zone sticker corresponding to your start zone during bib pickup. If there is no time zone sticker on your bib, you can request one at the event center. The flag indicating the start zone will always be positioned at the end of that zone, so always stand in front of the flag. The gates to the start zones will close 5 minutes before the start, and after that, participants can only enter at the back of the field.

If you encounter a runner in your start zone with an incorrect sticker, kindly ask them to choose the appropriate zone according to their planned pace to avoid confusion and potential accidents.

Wheelchair and handbike participants: If they complete the course under their own power, they can start from the front of the field. However, they need to coordinate with the race staff to determine when they can overtake the lead vehicle on the route. If they complete the course with a helper, they can start from the start zone corresponding to the planned pace provided during registration.

Staggered Start at the 39th Telekom Midicitta 7 km: 

Participants of the 7 km will be launched in multiple waves, with each wave starting every 45 seconds. Organizers will be present at the beginning of each upcoming wave to guide the participants to the starting line. After arriving at the starting line, the participants will be launched approximately 1.5 to 2 minutes apart, and the same procedure will apply to participants in later waves.

Gates between waves will not reopen!

Any belongings left in the start zone will be collected right after the start and donated to the Hungarian Red Cross for charity.

Distance: 7000 m

Kilometer Markers: Every kilometer is marked with a sign placed 2 meters above the route. This allows you to keep track and ensure that you complete the distance at your planned and trained pace.

Distance (km)LocationOffering
  • At the refreshment stations along the route, we will provide 1 cubic meter collection containers primarily for collecting empty cups. You will find these containers on both sides of the route, following the last refreshment table.

  • The last container will be placed 50 meters after the end of the station, and this will be indicated by a separate sign. Please make sure to dispose of any waste from the refreshment station into this container.

  • Any waste generated along the route should not be scattered. Please place it in the containers provided at the refreshment stations.

  • At the refreshment stations, we will not hand you cups filled with water or isotonic drinks. You are responsible for taking these from the tables yourself. Under no circumstances should you place used, empty cups back onto the refreshment tables!

  • Refreshment stations can often pose challenges. Do not attempt to squeeze between two runners for a quick drink or snack. Adhere to basic etiquette during the race as well. Wait your turn and remember that there are often fewer people towards the end of the station. Take only what you need, as there may be runners behind you who need refreshments even more.

  • If weather conditions warrant, we may set up additional temporary water stations along the route.

  • After crossing the finish line, you can collect your medal first, followed by your finisher’s package.

A closing bus follows the field at an average pace of 9 minutes per kilometer (constantly slowing). If the last participant in the field moves at a slower pace than this, they must board the closing bus, their race number will be marked, and they will not be allowed to enter the finish area.

The timing provider is AGNI-Timing.

The timing is done using UHF chips attached to the back of the bib number. Please read the information about chip usage!

Bib Number Wearing Rules: The timing is conducted through timing mats (antennas) placed on the ground, which detect the signal transmitter placed on the bib number from a distance of approximately 2-3 meters. The timestamp is recorded when the strongest signal is detected (when passing over the mat).

To ensure successful recording of individual times, please observe the following rules:

The bib number must be worn visibly throughout the race, on the abdomen/chest area. (Bib belt holders are allowed.) Covering or concealing the bib number is prohibited. Do not remove, fold, or pierce the chip located on the back of the bib number. Everyone should ensure that they wear their own bib number during the race. After crossing the finish line, please leave the timing point as soon as possible.

1st to 3rd place male and female runners 1st to 3rd place male and female wheelchair and handbike participants.

The awards ceremony will be based on the order of finish (gross time). The results on the website (based on net time) may show different rankings than the official awards.


The results will be continuously updated on the results list following the participants’ arrival at the finish line.

Participants without a placement number will appear on the results list if they do not have times recorded at one of the route checkpoints. Those who received a 10-minute time penalty for improper bib number wearing will have an asterisk (*) next to their name.

Order your personalized medal insert with your name and finishing time engraved in advance! Avoid the on-site queue and we’ll send it to you by mail approximately one and a half weeks after the event.

We’ll engrave your name and finishing time on a self-adhesive plastic tag. The tag fits perfectly into the recess on the back of the medal. You won’t need to search for money after the race, stand in line on-site, or wait for the medal to be engraved afterwards. We’ll create and mail the insert to you. When it arrives, just stick it on the back of your medal and your personalized keepsake of your achievement is ready.

The insert can be ordered online, along with your registration for the race, or in the „Products” section of the BSI registration system.

The price of the insert, including postage is 12 €.

Our photo selection after the event can be found on our  Facebook page and in the Media Library section.

High-resolution photos taken along the route can be purchased on the website.

You can find summary videos of the event, finish line videos, and live coverage materials here.

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