Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a finisher's medal?

– Yes, every participant will get a medal upon completion of the race.

Is the course certified?

– Yes, the course is certified by the AIMS

Will I get a T-shirt?

-Yes, a technical T-shirt for 21k, 10k, 7k and for relay 2/3.
-A cotton T-shirt for 2,5k and relay for 3 (3*2k)

Does the course have water stations?

-There will be refreshment stations along the course, making sure that you acquire the necessary amount of liquid during the race. The first and last stations will provide water while all other stations will offer banana, lemon, glucose, isodrink and water. All stations will be supplying water to wet your sponge.

Can I deposit my personal belongings at the beginning of the race?

– In the starting area you will find changing rooms and cloak rooms where you can leave your your personal belongings and pick it up after the race. There is a changing room at the relay points, but no cloak room.

How is the time measured?

-The time measurement is done by chip for 21k, 10k,7k, relay 2/3 and for 3*2k relay

How is the course marked?

– Kilometer markers will be posted along the course

Can I pick up my race kit on the day of the race?

– Yes you can pick it up on the spot.

How long is the course open?

The time limit is 3 hours net time
– A sweep bus follows the runners at a steady pace behind the 3:00 hours pace runners. If you are passed by the sweep bus, you have to get on the bus, your race number will be crossed and you are not allowed to enter the finish area.

How do you move around in Budapest?

The easiest and cheapest option is to use the public transport. Budapest has a good network of buses, trams and railways (incl. Subway). If you stay up to 3 days in Budapest we recommend that you buy a 3-day city ticket – it is good for all trams, buses, subway and railways within the Budapest city area.

How do I buy a city ticket?

-Look for the Customer Service Points of BKK Centre for Budapest Transport at Liszt Ferenc International Airport’s Terminal 2A (daily 8:00-22:00) and Terminal 2B (daily 9:00-21:00)!

– For further information please go to this page: http://www.bkk.hu/en/prices/

What is the date of 38th Telekom Vivicitta Budapest Spring Half Marathon?

– 28th April 2023 – shorter distances
– 29th April 2023 – half marathon, half marathon relay, 10km, 7 km

Who can register?

– Half Marathon: We accept entries from runners who were born before  29.04.2011 (12 years old or older)
– There is no age limit for other distances.

How can I pay?

– You can pay with your credit card (Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard), when you register on-line.


Do I need a medical certificate?

– A medical certificate isn’t necessary.

Where may I see pictures of the race?

– You will find individual pictures of the race on the http://runinbudapest.com/ or on the  http://www.bsi.futofoto.hu  few days after the race where you will be able to order them to have a souvenir of your exploit.

My account password isn’t working. What should I do?

If the password still doesn’t work, write to us to [email protected] with a request to explore the matter, and we’ll be happy to take a look.

What is a Runner's ID?

– Everybody registering for the first time on entry.budapestmarathon.com gets a registration number. It is possible to use our on-line registration system with this number.  You can register for a race, change your data.


Registering on behalf of someone else

-You can register yourself as well as someone else onto a race. After selecting a race, select „I want to enter someone else to the race”. Registration works in the same way as when you register yourself. If the person in question already has a Runners ID, all you need to do is enter his ID and follow the step-by-step instructions. If s/he doesn’t have a Runners ID, you can register him/her.

Registering a team or relay

-The procedure is identical as when registering yourself or registering on behalf of someone else (see above). Always register using your own profile even if you’re not running. As such you will get to see an overview of orders on your profile.

What should I do if I can’t run?

You can read more info at „Cancellation policy


Where can I find the results?

-You can find the results on http://runinbudapest.com/  after the race.


What’s the difference between the official time and the real time?

-The official time refers to the times starting from hearing the gunshot. The real time is the time from crossing the start and finish lines. Split-times and real times are provided as extra information. The ranking is determined by the order of runners crossing the finish line i.e. according to the official time.


How is the race course?

– The route is fairly flat with some light ascending bridges in the heart of the city and along the river Danube.




I’ve registered, paid and submitted all the required documents. Why I haven’t been assigned a bib number yet?

– please check your SPAM e-mails first, if you are in @gmail system! If you don’t find it, please send an e-mail to [email protected]! We will check your registration and send you a new confirmation letter.

By mistake I made the payment twice, what should I do?

– You can choose between 2 options: we credit the entry fee to your account at our database and you can use it until the end of the following year, or you can send us your bank details and we can transfer you your money. Please write us to [email protected] indicating your choice!