About the event

32nd Telekom Vivicitta Spring Half Marathon – Budapest
Date: 8-9 April 2017 

Planned future date: 14-15 April 2018

When Vivicittá is here – you know, spring has arrived!

Run a fantastic half Marathon, a classic10 km or a 7 km race in the Hungarian capital.

The legendary Margitsziget will host the start and the finish while the Half Marathon course will pass by Budapest’s best sights. Completing the distance is essentially a running sightseeing tour as you run across the Chain Bridge, past the castle, Parliament and many other famous buildings.

20150419_Vividay2_2308What can you expect?

Over 26,000 runners on all the distances, more than 7,200 half Marathon finishers, 5000 runners on the 10K, a fantastic atmosphere and a celebration of spring.

We’ll take care of you! How?

There will be a joint warm up before the race so you don’t start with cold muscles.

We want to make sure you have plenty of space to run, despite the high turnout, so we’ll stagger the start with runners leaving from separate zones at 5 to 6 minute intervals. You can find more on this in the race info.

There will be refreshments every 4 to 5 kilometers and there will of course be continuous medical supervision along the course.

Pace runners will help you hit your desired tempo.

Having fun is just as important as running. So we’ll maintain several musical points along the course for your entertainment.

Few statistics from 2015

There were 2,100 foreign runners, including 1,200 on the half Marathon, from 71 countries.

Most international runners, 220, came from Italy, home of the Vivicittá race series. British runners were in second place while Germany was third. It’s up to you whether this order changes in 2016 :-)


OK, we talked about sightseeing, but what else is there?

Budapest is the spa capital with over 100 thermal springs beneath the city that supply the famous baths. You can try unique 16th and 17th century Turkish baths or the neo-baroque Széchenyi bath. More on this here.

Also unique to Europe are Budapest’s ruin pubs. Located in the city centre, this new function saved countless old, run down building from demolition. Their atmosphere is unusual, their style is retro and they revive socialist realist interior design. You can find more on them here.

Try out the best of Hungary’s cuisine, taste the world famous gulyás, pörkölt, rétes, and palacsinta.

If your stomach is sensitive, you may want to leave this for after the race:-)

20150419_Vividay2_2376Become part of Hungary’s world famous hospitality, run with us and test your shape!


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